Our philosophy is based on using the absolute best quality of raw materials, creating fresh gelato every day. All raw materials are carefully selected for example: fresh fruit, hazel nuts “IGP tonda gentile delle langhe” or the “Bronte pistachio”.
Located in our store during the summer period are up to 38 different flavors of gelato, sorbet, and ice cream cakes.
Besides the classic flavors, quality cream, pistachio, hazelnuts ect, we offer a constant rotation of new inventive flavors such as: “dark chocolate sesame”, “peanuts and chocolate”, yogurt with strawberries and honey” along with some of our most popular flavors: “Santa Trinita”, "Buontalenti al mascarpone", and above all our dark chocolate gelato.
Our fruit gelatos are made with fresh fruit of the season or top quality frozen fruit. Also located in our store display are fresh ice cream cakes as well as mini frozen torts, perfect for dessert or an after dinner treat.