FRANCHISING | Store Characteristics

A Gelateria Santa Trinita® is synonymous with elegance: for this reason, our franchise branch stores need to have a top notch location, a considerable dimension and wide street-front windows. Indeed, we believe that customers are immediately attracted by elegant, bright and clean store premises. Consequently, we ask for locations with a surface of at least 80-100 sqm that can allow for the following separate and distinctive areas:

1) a sizable display and sale space for ice-cream and similar products (semifreddo, cakes, etc.) directly connected with the customer area by means of two or more, wide and bright glass cases. This is the most important space in the entire ice-cream store and our designers shall focus specifically on enhancing the potential of each prospective branch store in order to obtain a stylish and pleasant setting, in line with the architectural canons of the Florentine Renaissance palazzos.

2) a food preparation space, connected to the sale area and which shall hold all equipment needed in the preparation of ice-cream and derived products; its surface must be no less than 10 sqm., however it may vary according to the size of the entire store, of its manufacturing capability, of local rules and regulations. Said variables will be taken into consideration in each specific case by our designers.

3) a display and sale space for traditional Florentine, Tuscan and Italian foods and sweets: the size of this area may vary according to the value prospective franchisees intend to give to this particular area of store activity. At any rate, we suggest having a space of at least 15-20 sqm., connected with the main sale and customer area, and easily visible from outside through a street-front window. Given it is adjacent to the main customer area, it will follow said area’s design and furnishings.

4) a number of assorted and accessory back-store spaces, to be separately destined as storage for ingredients and supplies awaiting to be used; as refrigerator space for conservation and storage of all raw materials (milk, cream, fruit, etc.) and of the finished product before it is put out in the display refrigerator; as employees’ changing rooms; and finally, as one or two restrooms.