FRANCHISING | How To Open A Gelateria Santa Trinita ®

In order to open a new Gelateria Santa Trinita® branch store anywhere worldwide, you must:

1) get in touch with our sales office, identify a location in your city that possesses the characteristics listed herein and that is strategically placed from a commercial point of view (historic city center, tourist or seaside localities, etc).

2) send to our technical office (E-Mail….) all illustrative material identifying the location (blueprints, maps, diagrams, etc..) in .dwg format or drawings, so that the dimensions of the spaces may be deduced, together with a detailed digital photo documentation: this will enable our office to outline a first feasibility study of the plan, execute a project layout and calculate a rough estimate for the work. Once the project and the price outline are sent back to the prospective franchisee, the latter must then evaluate, personally or with the assistance of an expert, the compliance of said project with local health, hygiene and building regulations.

3) sign the Agreement with Gelateria Santa Trinita® for the opening of a branch store, in compliance with the time period and costs required by the Agreement.

In order to begin work in the chosen location, to be executed by and at the expense of the franchisee, we shall then deliver all final working plan documents, required to carry out all necessary masonry changes and system fitting (electrical, air-conditioning, etc.), and from that moment on we shall provide constant support via email correspondence and send drawings and explanatory photos to facilitate completion of all work preliminary to the assembly of store furnishings. In the meantime, the franchiser will have sent off the container with all finishing architectural elements (columns, arches, pilaster strips, etc.), all furnishings (furniture, counters, lighting fixtures, etc.) and all ice-cream manufacturing equipment, so as to complete the assembly of the store in compliance with the plan attached to the Agreement. Upon termination of the work, and at times throughout work execution, our technical consultants shall carry out on site inspections, to verify the correct assembly of the store and to make sure it complies with the plan: it is indeed very important for the Company, as well as for the franchisee of the newly opened Gelateria Santa Trinità®, that the store possesses the image and setup of all other branch stores and is thus easily recognizable worldwide.