1) Standardized Store Design and Execution

The first-class design of our Gelateria Santa Trinita® stores creates an extremely functional and elegant atmosphere: high-quality furnishings and equipment, together with a simple yet striking design, create an architecturally well-constructed working environment. Our ice-cream stores are determined to spread the artistic image and feeling associated with Florentine Renaissance worldwide, by faithfully reproducing distinctive stylistic elements that can be found both inside and outside the historical palaces of Florence. Every store will have its different decorative elements and will display its own unique character; however, all our branch stores will be tied together by a common thread that will make them easily recognizable as a member of our company. For every location we are asked to consider as a prospective new franchise venue, our architects will carry out an in-depth survey in order to come up with the most functionally advantageous layout for commercial success, the most “work friendly” and comfortable store arrangement for franchisees, the most appropriate and eye-catching architectural image, and finally, the most memorable taste and visual experience for all customers. All lighting fixtures and all necessary equipment for the preparation and conservation of food are elegant features of the store: while providing the indispensable working instruments for store operation, they gracefully blend in with the tasteful architectural design. The “Renaissance” flair is fully supplied by our store building kit, which includes elements in wood, plaster and other materials, and easy-to-follow building guidelines clearly explained by our designers and translated in different languages. In addition, we shall provide full customer support via the Internet to answer any questions or help solve any problems encountered during the construction process. Once the store is fully assembled, and sometimes even during the construction process if the considerable size of the franchise branch store requires it, one of our technicians will carry out a site inspection to assess whether the final execution conforms to the initial project. It is absolutely crucial that the final product is compliant with the original plan: not only is this beneficial for the franchisee, as it guarantees the best possible store image, but it is also important for the entire franchise chain, given it intends to be represented everywhere by stylish and well-fitted stores.

2) Complete setups for ice-cream preparation, conservation and sale area

All equipment needed to prepare ice-cream, all refrigerated storage fixtures and all glass-furnishings for final display and sale of ice-cream are easily inserted in the planned store space. The ice-cream preparation area, where all fresh ingredients are handled and the final product is manufactured, has a standard arrangement, which is then altered in order to adjust to the distinctive needs of each single shop on account of store size and local health regulations. The dimension and amount of production equipment and of refrigerated storage fixtures may change according to the surface of each store devoted to product sale.